Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque & Sunrise Safari Private Tour with Arrival & Departure Transfer


04:30 AM : Pick up from Primer Inn Hotel

05:30 AM : Reaching Desert

06:00 AM : Enjoy the sunrise

06:30 AM : Visit Camp to sip Arabic Coffee & dates & Camel Ride

07:30 AM : Leaving Camp

08:30 AM : Picture taking of Sheikh Zayed Mosque

09:00 AM : Entry to Grand Mosque

09:45 AM : Leaving Grand Mosque

10:00 AM : Dates Market and Mina Port Area

10:15 AM : Heritage Village

10:40 AM : Leaving Heritage village

11:30 AM : Drop off to Abu Dhabi Airport


Grand Mosque Dress Code:

·         Ladies: Long (ankle-length) trousers/dress/skirt, long sleeve (wrist-length) top. Wear a headscarf of any color (to cover the hair). Clothes can be any color. An Abaya (black dress) is NOT necessary.

·         Men: Long (ankle-length) trousers. T-shirt, polo shirt, and polo are allowed.

·         No transparent clothing, shorts, beachwear, clothing with profanity, tight clothing.

·         It will be the discretion of the security marshals on the Grand Mosque if guests outfit will be acceptable, otherwise lady guests will be asked to wear the Abaya for them to go inside the mosque.


Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation or changes should be made 24 hours before the tour. Otherwise, payment will be nonrefundable. For no-show and last minute cancellation, payment will also be nonrefundable.

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