In an awe-inspiring display of innovation and creativity, Al Dhafra in the United Arab Emirates has secured a place in the Guinness World Records with the unveiling of the Liwa Board, the world's longest sign. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the region's dedication to cultural expression and engineering excellence, drawing global attention and setting new standards for public displays.

A Marvel of Engineering and Design

Perched on a hill 197 meters above sea level, the Liwa Board extends an incredible 2.5 kilometers. This monumental structure stands at 23.5 meters tall, significantly surpassing Hollywood’s famous sign, which is 13.7 meters high. This record-breaking sign is not merely a display of letters; it is a meticulously crafted structure that incorporates advanced engineering techniques and design aesthetics to ensure stability and visibility across its extensive length.

Cultural Significance

Situated in the heart of the Al Dhafra region, the Liwa Board is more than just a sign; it symbolizes the rich cultural heritage and progressive vision of the United Arab Emirates. The sign spells out "Liwa" in both Arabic and English, serving as a welcoming landmark for visitors and a proud reminder of the area's historical and cultural importance. Al Dhafra itself represents 70 percent of Abu Dhabi’s land mass, highlighting its significance in the UAE's geographic and cultural landscape.

The Journey to the Record

The project, led by local authorities and supported by a team of engineers, designers, and workers, was meticulously planned and executed. The process involved several phases, including design conceptualization, material selection, construction, and final installation. Each phase was carefully monitored to meet the stringent criteria set by the Guinness World Records, ensuring not only the length but also the structural integrity and artistic quality of the sign. Weighing 49 tonnes, the landmark stands as a testament to the incredible effort and precision involved in its creation.

A New Record Holder

The Liwa Board's achievement has dethroned Dubai’s Hatta sign, which held the record since September of the previous year with a height of 19.28 meters. By surpassing this previous record, the Liwa sign has solidified its place as a new symbol of excellence in the UAE, further enhancing the visual appeal and cultural significance of the Al Dhafra region.

Community and Tourism Impact

The Liwa Board's recognition has already begun to attract tourists and media attention from around the world. It serves as a major draw for visitors to the Al Dhafra region, boosting local tourism and providing a new focal point for cultural and community events. The sign is expected to play a significant role in promoting the area's heritage and encouraging economic growth through increased tourist activity.

A Testament to Visionary Leadership

The success of the Liwa Board project highlights the visionary leadership of the UAE in embracing large-scale projects that blend tradition with modernity. It reflects the nation's ability to undertake ambitious endeavors that capture global attention while fostering national pride and unity.


The unveiling of the Liwa Board as the world's longest sign marks a milestone that puts Al Dhafra on the global map. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the region's engineering capabilities, cultural richness, and visionary spirit. As it stands tall and stretches wide, the Liwa Board not only sets a new world record but also symbolizes the boundless aspirations and dynamic growth of the United Arab Emirates.

Visitors and residents alike can now gaze upon the Liwa Board with pride, knowing that it represents not just a record-breaking sign

 but a beacon of cultural heritage and future possibilities.