Top Five Things Do Not Miss Out During Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi | 2023


Desert tourism is becoming greatly popular in the sandy stretches of Abu Dhabi. The capital of UAE is acquiring good fame as a top adventure destination in the Middle East. Globe trotters are flowing into the destination to explore the thrills of the desert adventures and earn the memorable experiences endowed by the exciting safari tours.

The desert safaris offered in Abu Dhabi are:


Sunrise Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Want to start a pulsating adventure session in the morning hours? You can plan sunrise desert safari in Abu Dhabi…Enjoy 4 hours of great thrills in the Al Khatim desert stretch and earn a differential experience.

Best inclusions of the desert safari are:

  • Camel riding
  • Dune bashing
  • Sand boarding
  • Complimentary refreshments





Seek the best thrills in the 4 hours morning safari session. Ascend on the camel back and traverse the desert stretch, plan dune bashing with professional drivers, discover the thrills of sand boarding – all during the sunrise desert safari.

Complimentary drinks are offered during the safari to re-hydrate the adventure-seekers. Professional guides will pick you in the early hours from your hotel and drop you back at the completion of the desert safari.

Discover the pleasures of desert tourism… Let camel trekking be your maiden adventure.


Romantic Dune Dinner Abu Dhabi

Searching for new romantic plans? An escapade into the desert stretch of Abu Dhabi will be a great idea. A romantic set up in the sandy stretch will be the most pleasant surprise for your loved one. Transform the sunset hours to a splendid one, filled with clandestine moments.

 At the evening safari, you can find adventure at dune bashing and camel trekking, enjoy BBQ dinner and capture some splendid photographs that will reminisce the wonderful experience you shared together.

You can plan an eventful time trekking on camel-back watching the glorious sunset and traversing the sandy stretch at the cool, evening hours.

Then shift to a greater adventure session. Discover the thrills of dune bashing. Have a riot together as experienced, professional drivers race you abruptly up and down the large sand dunes. Truly amazing, worth a try.

When your adventure spirits are settled, then you can enjoy an awesome candlelight dinner in the serene desert stretch and enjoy your moments together. Feast on a delicious BBQ fare and enjoy the tranquility of the desert stretch.

You an plan the romantic escapade on Valentine’s Day or any other special days. A wonderful experience awaits you and your loved one.


Camel Trekking



During their visit to Abu Dhabi, tourists are eager to explore the camel trekking experience.You may want to experience the pleasures of camel trekking too! Now you can be seated atop the camel and traverse across the desert scapes. The trekking is planned for 3 hours entirely, so you will enjoy your ride perfectly.




You may know that camel riding has been the part of Arabian culture since ages. Camels were widely used to transport persons and goods across the desert since long. Now, you can enjoy the same experience in the desert scapes of Abu Dhabi.

Camel trekking is an absolutely safe adventure activity. Camels are tame and not harmful at all. Even women and children can enjoy camel trekking freely.

At the end of the camel trekking, you can enjoy some refreshments at the camp.


Overnight Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

You can also plan an overnight experience during the desert safari.

The main inclusions of the desert safari are:

A perfect mix for a splendid evening! A great adventure – dune bashing, a tame experience – camel riding and a fantastic treat for the famished souls – BBQ dinner that will complement the special evening.


If you are not familiar with typical desert adventures, you may be new to sand boarding, camel riding and dune bashing. Do not delay anymore; when at the desert scapes – plunge into adventure. Enjoy the thrills of dune bashing, sand boarding  and camel riding. All of them are equally enjoyable and pleasurable. Earn a great experience.


The overnight safari is widely preferred by families. Since the safaris are absolutely safe and exhilarating; the entire family can enjoy the experience and have a riot.


There are also special entertainment in the evenings of the overnight desert safaris. You can enjoy belly dancing, Sheesha smoking and even Henna tattooing. Live entertainment can render excitement to your evenings at the desert scapes.

At the end of a special evening, you can be comfortably accommodated in Bedouin-style tents and retire for the night.

The overnight safari includes the best of entertainment, lavish BBQ fare and there is no compromise on adventure either. Thus, overnight safari is a wonderful experience altogether.


Quad biking

Quad biking is a great desert adventure activity. It is absolutely safe and safety is further assured by use of helmets and goggles. Safety instructions and details will be provided to you by instructors. You will have the exciting opportunities of riding quad bikes for an entire hour. Complimentary drinks will also be provided to you.


Surely, you have a handful of great indulgences to enjoy in Abu Dhabi. With an eclectic mix of adventures and pleasures, you will be able to cherish your experience in the city for a long time.


If you are new to desert safaris, have no inhibitions. The experience is both safe and thrilling. Safaris are conducted at different hours and you can choose the one in the most convenient hours. During their visit to UAE, tourists are keen of seeking the safari tours. How long can one pace through the streets, shop in malls and dine in restaurants. It is a differential experience that all wants and in the right terms – desert safaris. With gaining popularity, desert safaris are becoming the popular choice of visitors including couples, work groups and families alike.


 Try the experience soon!


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