The Sheikh Zayed Festival is the oldest and most popular festival in UAE that takes you on a wondrous journey into the Emirates Culture and legacy. It is filled with thrilling events, fun activities, all night long entertainments and shows. There is a lot to experience at Sheikh Zayed Festival, but here are some of must- experience- at- least- one event shortlisted for you. 

  1.  Weekly Fireworks Display at Sheikh Zayed Festival 

The famous firework display is back to light up the night sky of Al Whatba. Every Saturday at 10 p.m, the fireworks of Sheikh Zayed Festival makes for an impressive start to your weekend. It's a must watch wonder along with the cheers and oohs of the crowd. Since its a weekly event, you have more chances of not missing this incredible display. 

   2.  The Glow Tower Garden at Sheikh Zayed Festival 

The Glow Tower Garden provides a one-of-a-kind experience that blends the beauty of graphic lighting and music. The area greets visitors with vibrant, eye-catching colors and is surrounded by a variety of international restaurants, including the Flying Cup, Paul, and many more. If you are attending the Sheikh Zayed Festival, then this is a must visit spot. 

3. The Emirati Productive Families Pavilion at Sheikh Zayed Festival 

Visit this Pavilion to get a better understanding of how women contributed to the economy with traditional handicrafts. The Emirati Productive Families Pavilion demonstrates live and displays the products handcrafted by women from productive families. This is a unique opportunity to witness the Emirati culture at its finest. 

4. Camping Village at Sheikh Zayed Festival ( From Dec 27)

 This is a new experience for those who love camping and the outdoors. The camping village offers amazing experiences for all age groups, combining the authenticity of the outdoors with entertainment and enjoyment. You can immerse yourself in the specially made camping landscape along with the special lighting. The village also has huge screens that will showcase various sporting events.

5. Fun Fair City at Sheikh Zayed Festival

A fun and joyful city full of rides, games and other attractions for all ages await you at this amusement park at the festival. If you are an adrenaline junky then you must visit the most popular House of horror, which is inspired from ‘Haunted Mansion’. The fun city opens daily from 4 pm to 12 am. 

6. International Cultural Pavilions at Sheikh Zayed Festival 

Here you have the opportunity to get to know and tour popular neighborhoods from various countries of the world. The international countries that are participating in the festival have organized various events, activities, shows and products for you to truly have an international feel at the festival.  

7. The China Town at Sheikh Zayed Festival 

This year, the Festival is featuring a new addition, the Chinese Market. Here, you can explore a wide variety of Chinese and Asian products while strolling down a Chinese-style street that authentically reflects Chinese culture.

For more events, shows and other activities at Sheikh Zayed Festival, visit SZF Website