How to Plan Abu Dhabi Tour if only 5 days are available?

This is a list of activities you love to enjoy in your 5-day tour in Abu Dhabi.

This post helps you to decide the list of activities you want to enjoy in Abu Dhabi for 5 days.

Let me take you into detail,

How to plan your 1st day in Abu Dhabi tour?

The first day, start with a Sightseeing tour in Abu Dhabi [2020]

A sightseeing tour will be your best choice to enjoy your vacation.
A choice of a holiday at Abu Dhabi will bring you peace and calmness away from cities bustling.

Being one the best place to enjoy your holidays, Abu Dhabi is also famous for its cultural and traditional aspects.

People normally look for places to explore on their first day of the tour in Abu Dhabi.
And they don’t get disappointed!

Here’s a list that shows some of the topmost sightseeing destinations you have to visit on your 1st day to explore Abu Dhabi:

Plan Full Day City Tour Abu Dhabi

Being the most traditional of the main cities in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Full Day City Tour will probably make your day.

One of the main attraction goes with the city of magnificent old-fashioned heritage.

On your first day, you can:

  • Visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the largest mosque in UAE
  • Visit Top Abu Dhabi attractions
  • Enjoy your visit to Louvre [Abu Dhabi]
  • Explore Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
  • Enjoy your shopping at the souk
  • Browse through the bustling Dates Market
  • Visit the Louvre Museum [Not possible on Mondays]

Plan Full Day City Tour Abu Dhabi

So, covering all these wonderful places will make your first day a mind-blowing experience in Abu Dhabi.

If you want to cut short your city tour, you can go for Abu Dhabi Half Day City Tour.

Plan Abu Dhabi Half Day City Tour

No time to explore Abu Dhabi city tour in one day?

Don’t worry, go for Abu Dhabi Half Day City Tour.

  • A 4-hour sightseeing tour with an expert guide.
  • Travel to top attractions in the UAE’s capital.
  • Find the ancient landmarks including present landmarks.
  • Visit The Dates Market
  • From an air-conditioned coach, admire the skyscrapers and beaches.

Plan Abu Dhabi Half Day City Tour

Abu Dhabi Half Day City Tour highlights will be one of the best short sightseeing experience tours in Abu Dhabi.

No one would leave Abu Dhabi without visiting Falcon Tours.

Plan Falcon Tours in Abu Dhabi

Visit Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, one of the main tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. Falcon is the national bird of UAE.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is the world’s first and largest hospital. The Guided tour includes the visit to the two beautiful museums.

Plan Falcon Tours in Abu Dhabi

You can also take pictures with birds. After having a wonderful experience with falcons at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, you can have lunch in the traditional Arabic tent.

So, that’s it now it’s your turn to plan your Abu Dhabi tour on your first day.

How to Plan 2nd day of your Abu Dhabi tour?

Water Parks & Theme Parks in Abu Dhabi, is the best plays for someone who’s looking for an adventure.

It is one of the best tour packages that everyone in Abu Dhabi falls for.

Emirates Tours and Safari has the best selection for you!

Spend your time with your loved ones by visiting Yas Waterworld, Yas Marina Circuit or Wadi Adventure in Abu Dhabi.

Plan Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi [Water Parks & Theme Parks 2020]

If you want to enjoy the Middle East’s biggest water parks, then you are in the right place!

Enjoy the fast-spinning Dawwama, or Bandit Bomber coaster.
A 6-person tornado with a fast-spinning funnel- Dawwama
Enjoy your ride in breath-stopping Bandit Bomber coaster.

Plan Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi

Upgrading to a premium ticket can have more access to rides.

So don’t wait up!

Plan Ferrari World Abu Dhabi [ race car-themed park ]

Being the first Ferrari-branded theme park, You can enjoy the rides in the planet’s largest indoor theme park.

Plan Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ride the Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest coaster, launched at speeds up to 150 miles per hour.

Explore a virtual Ferrari factory & have fun with family-friendly rides.
Relax at Ferrari World’s restaurants and cafes to plan your next ride!

I don’t want you to be confused about Water Parks & Theme Parks in Abu Dhabi.

Here’s – explore many more…

Yas Marina Circuit

Wadi Adventure from Abu Dhabi

How to Plan 3rd day of your Abu Dhabi tour?

Turning to the third day, here comes:

Exciting Sea Adventure and Water Tours.

Plan Sight Seeing Yellow Boat Abu Dhabi tour on your 3rd day

A bright yellow powerboat with a qualified skipper at the wheel is waiting for you to hit the open water.

Plan Sight Seeing Yellow Boat Abu Dhabi

Cruise around Lulu Island and admire the Emirates Palace & Heritage Village. Take photos from this panoramic vantage point.

Go through the major highlights and dive in!

Plan Oman Musandam Cruise from Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

Traditional Omani dhow cruising is waiting for you to enjoy the marine life.
Exploring the fishing villages possibility to view dolphins.

There are some terms and conditions for Oman Musandam Cruise, Abu Dhabi.

So, the last two days!
This is the best time to utilise your energy to the most exciting part of the Abu Dhabi tour [2020]

Plan Desert Safari Abu Dhabi tour [2020]

This is the most exciting part of the Abu Dhabi Tour.
No one wants to miss desert safari adventure while visiting Abu Dhabi.

Plan Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Desert safari adventure has a large number of categories to choose for like Empty Quarter Sunset Safari Abu Dhabi, Dune/Sand Buggy Tour Abu Dhabi, Half-Day Desert Safari Abu Dhabi, Quad Bike Desert Safari Abu Dhabi & more…

Highly recommended Tours

Overnight Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

Self Drive – Al Khatim Desert

That’s it, now you can plan your 5-day tour in Abu Dhabi from 2020.

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