Why do you need to Choose Liwa Overnight Safari?

Want to enjoy the desert safari experience in the largest desert of the country?

You are in the right place,

Yes, the Rub Al Khal.

Enjoy your wonderful desert safari at Oasis of Liwa and the golden dunes of Rub Al Khali.

And it’s in the Midnight!

Thrilled isn’t it?

Enjoy the magnificent golden dunes of the Rub Al Khali, the largest desert of the country.

A quiet atmosphere is waiting for you to enjoy the midnight and taste an off-road 4×4 adventure.


Reasons behind to Choose Liwa Overnight Safari [Abu Dhabi 2020]:

Choosing Liwa Overnight Safari helps you to enjoy your drive from Abu Dhabi to Liwa Oasis with the help of an expert guide.

An expert guide will share you more information regarding Oasis of Liwa Overnight Safari also some wonderful stories of Rub Al Khali.

choose liwa overnight safari

Reaching Liwa through Rub Al Khali will be an amazing desert adventure to feel the Overnight Safari.

And next awaits, the off-road adventure!

Choose Liwa Overnight Safari for an off-road 4×4 adventure[2020]

An Off-road adventure is waiting on Overnight Safari!

Sound’s interesting right,

Experience this huge off-road 4×4 adventure in Liwa Overnight Safari and explore the wildlife around the desert.

liwa oasis desert safari abu dhabi

Enjoy your delicious dinner under the unique quiet atmosphere and starlit sky.

Highlights of Liwa Overnight Safari Abu Dhabi doesn’t end here.
Go through the additional information regarding this epic midnight safari adventure in Abu Dhabi.

Now moving to Liwa Oasis Desert Safari Abu Dhabi [2020]


Why do you need to Choose Liwa Oasis Desert Safari Abu Dhabi?

Both Liwa Oasis Desert safaris have a common – The Rub Al Khali.

Yup, nearly four hours to drive down to the incredible Oasis of Liwa.

liwa oasis desert safari abu dhabi

Enjoying the golden dunes of ‘Empty Quarter’- that’s what
Rub Al Khali is widely known in Arabian Peninsula.

Before returning to the hustle of the city, there are a lot more highlights waiting for you.


Choose Liwa Oasis Desert Safari [2020]:

Transportation by air-conditioned 4×4 will make you explore the towering orange dunes of Rub al Khali.

Have a picnic lunch at the palm-fringed oasis before returning to the city.

Liwa Oasis desert safari also brings one of the best desert safari adventures in Abu Dhabi.

That’s it,

People cant leave Abu Dhabi without experiencing a desert safari adventure. They like to enjoy these beautiful safaris and capture each moment with them.

Overnight safari is trending nowadays, as people like to enjoy the calm atmosphere at night with a delicious BBQ dinner sometimes, like the Dune dinner.

So, choosing your favourite desert safaris always help you to categorize each tour and select the best one.

This helps you to plan your tour to Abu Dhabi next year.
Share your experience to your loved ones about the wonderful moments you had during your desert safari tour.

Explore the Desert safari adventure fully and don’t miss anything.
Whether its Overnight Safari or Morning safari, it’s upon you!

Choose your best tour and enjoy your day with your loved ones.

So it’s your choice to choose the best desert safari adventures:

Liwa Overnight Safari Abu Dhabi

Overnight | Rub al Khali | off-road 4×4 adventure | Starlit sky Dinner 

Liwa Oasis Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Four hour Ride | Rub al Khali | Off-road 4×4 adventure | Wildlife | Picnic lunch 

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