This post helps you to pick the best Desert Safari Offers in Abu Dhabi 2020.

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People always search for new Desert safari offers or deals to enjoy the desert safari and Arabian Adventures.

A lot of questions always arises in our mind regarding the latest desert safari tours and offers, isn’t it? like:

  1. Which is the best desert safari among Arabian adventures?
  2. What about Abu Dhabi Desert Safari prices?
  3. Which is the cheapest desert safari offers Abu Dhabi?

Then this post will help you to explore Desert Safari adventures in Abu Dhabi along with the new desert safari offers and packages!

How to Pick your Best Desert Safari Deals & Offers in Abu Dhabi

Pick your best desert safari offers and enjoy a wonderful desert safari experience in Abu Dhabi. But before going to the offers, I recommend you to go through the major desert safari tours.

Here Look,

Choose your best desert safari adventure tours and enjoy your day in Abu Dhabi!


Enjoy Half Day Desert Safari Experience

Experience Desert Safari -Morning

Enjoy Overnight Desert Safari Experience

Enjoy Sunrise Desert Safari Experience

Liwa Overnight Desert Safari Experience

Quad Biking Desert Safari

Liwa Oasis Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Experience Desert Safari- Dune/Sand Buggy Tour

That’s it! there goes the major desert safari adventure list, Now you explore the cheap desert safari offers to pick one and plan your Abu Dhabi tour.

Pick your Favourite Desert Safari Offers to Enjoy Abu Dhabi [2020]

Your favourite Desert safari Abu Dhabi Offers are at your fingertips! Explore the entire highlights of the tours and choose your best desert safari deals and offers

Half-Day Desert Safari adventure offer | Abu Dhabi

4×4 Dune Bashing | BBQ Dinner | Camel Ride | Sand Boarding & Belly Dancing

Sunrise Desert Safari offer | Abu Dhabi

Hotel pickup and drop-off | Camel Riding | Coffee & Dates

Morning Desert Safari offer | Abu Dhabi

4-hour morning desert safari | 4×4 Dune Bashing with Camel ride | Sandboarding

Liwa Overnight Safari offer | Abu Dhabi

Overnight Safari with an expert guide |  off-road 4×4 adventure | Delicious Dinner under starlit sky 

Camel Trekking Abu Dhabi offer

3-hour Camel Trekking  | Riding across the sands for 30 minutes 

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Plan your trip and get ready to enjoy your tour with the best tour operators in Abu Dhabi. Grab the latest desert safari offers and enjoy your desert safari adventures.

Easy Booking – Grab your Desert Safari Offers [Abu Dhabi]

Desert safari booking helps you to save time and plan easily for your desert safari adventures. Explore the latest offers and packages of desert safari Abu Dhabi to enjoy different tours like,

Desert Adventures

Sightseeing Tours

Shore Excursions Abu Dhabi

Theme & Water Park

Sea Adventure

Sky Adventure


Desert Adventures

Sightseeing Tours

Shore Excursions Abu Dhabi

Sky Adventure

Theme & Water Park

Sea Adventure

That’s it your favourite Abu Dhabi adventure list is at our fingertips!

Book your tours and enjoy your vacation/holidays with your family or loved one in Abu Dhabi.

No one wants to miss the latest desert safari deals and offers after arriving in UAE!

Desert Safari Offers – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Desert Safari Offers and Deals

Get to know the frequently asked questions regarding desert safari deals/offers and packages.


Which desert safari tours provide great offers and deals?

Desert safari tours which provide great offers and deals are:

  • Half-Day Desert Safari Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi Half Day City Tour
  • Camel Trekking Abu Dhabi
  • Morning Desert Safari Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai Full Day City Tour From Abu Dhabi
  • Sunrise Desert Safari from Abu Dhabi
  • Romantic Dune Dinner Abu Dhabi
  • Liwa Overnight Safari Abu Dhabi

Does any desert safari tours has special offers?

Yes, some Desert safari tours have special offers like:

Does Morning Desert Safari has offers? if Yes, what are it's highlights?

Yes,  Morning Desert Safari has a special offer.

Highlights included:

  1. 4-hour morning desert safari
  2. Enjoy activities at a Bedouin-style camp.
  3. Thrilling 4×4 dune bash.
  4. Camel riding across the sands.
  5. Sandboarding on sandy slopes.
  6. Complimentary Refreshments at camp

What about half day desert safari tour? What is the price?

Yes, Half-Day Desert Safari has special offers and the package comes with (highlights)–

  • 4×4 Dune Bashing
  • BBQ Dinner
  • Camel Ride
  • Sand Boarding
  • Belly Dancing

The price of half-day desert safari is AED 220.00! 

Is Overnight desert safari tour included?

Yes, it’ called Liwa Overnight Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. The Duration of the tour is 4 hours. An off-road 4×4 adventure is also there! 


What is the price of Evening Desert Safari?

The price of Romantic Evening Desert Safari is AED 1,900.00 [One tour per person]


What is the duration of Camel Trekking Safari?

 The duration of Camel Trekking Desert Safari is 3-hour from Abu Dhabi (Including Travel Time)

What is the special offer regarding Abu Dhabi Half Day City Tour?

Special offer regarding Abu Dhabi Half Day City Tour is that you can (Save $22) AED 120.00 [One tour per person].


  • Visiting Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
  • Exploring the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village.
  • Shopping at the souk & see craft demonstrations.
  • Browse the bustling Dates Market.
  • Admiring skyscrapers, corniche gardens and beaches.
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off by air-conditioned coach.

There goes some common faq’s regarding the desert safari offers.  Throw away your doubts about the latest deals and pick one of your favourite tours and enjoy your great day.

Are you in for Desert Safari or want to know Top Rated Desert Safari Deals in Abu Dhabi?


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Everyone loves Desert safari adventures and no one wants to miss great desert offers and deals.

Desert safari deals always bring something new to be experienced and this makes people grab every opportunity to enjoy their time.

So, Don’t wait up Here is a chance for you!

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Following tours are available on Private Vehicle only
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