8 Sea Adventures in Abu Dhabi| Cruising| Kayaking| Book Now

8 Sea Adventures in Abu Dhabi| Cruising| Kayaking| Book Now


Sea adventure is one of the leading adventure activities in the field of water tourism. Lots of people are attracted day by day to do these adventures. Abu Dhabi is a place famous for its geographical condition and abundance of water that makes Abu Dhabi a dream destination for a sea adventure. Out of 8 some of them includes  pearl journey, fishing, surfing, kayaking, skiing, and so on


Why Choose Sea Adventure in Abu Dhabi?

  • It Offers An Unmatched Range Of Water Sports And Leisure Activities For Those Sea Enthusiasts Seeking Discovery And Exploration Along With Families Looking For An Exciting Vacation.
  • Sea adventure activities in Abu Dhabi provide top-notch quality and high on thrill and adrenaline.


1.Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey

These offers travelers an authentic look at the pearl industry in the Arabian gulf seated on traditional Arabian floor cushions, guests enjoy local Arabic coffee and dates meanwhile guide explains very minute details about pearls and its history. There will be a live demo which shows how to dismantle pearl from any oyster shell

2. Deep Sea Fishing in Abu Dhabi

Once you opt for our sea fishing tour you will be entitled to a boat equipped with fishing gear and safety gear to sail to the middle of the Arabian Gulf. It not only helps to try your luck but also spices up your time offering you a glimpse of sea life and a scenic view of the city from the sea.

3.Dhow Dinner Cruise Abu Dhabi

Get an exquisite evening in the middle of the  Arabian Sea with a dhow cruise. It is a mix of history and modernity. The Dhow is a traditional vessel that was used by merchants and traders on the waters of the Gulf. Enjoy unlimited food and beverages and witness live entertainment shows. Contact our tour operators to enjoy a lovely evening on board the Abu Dhabi dhow cruise.

4. Sight Seeing Yellow Boat

A one-hour boat ride will indulge you in the scenic beauty of Abu Dhabi and you will get a chance to snap the panoramic views of the city’s eminent skyscrapers, palaces, islands. Also, enjoy the sea sprays and coastal beach and watch for dolphins. We guaranteed to leave you in awe of Abu Dhabi’s enchanting islands, amazing architecture, and beaches.

5. Mangrove Kayaking Abu Dhabi

Mangrove kayaking in Abu Dhabi will compel you to admire the beauty of nature as it relieves all the stress from your mind. Migratory birds near the lagoons will make you fall in love with nature. No need for concern regarding safety because the kayaks will be equipped with high-end quality backrests and life jackets.

6. Island Beach Get Away Abu Dhabi

Want to spend some time with your family? Get an unforgettable experience in the middle of a remote island. Do watch the serenity and tranquility of the island and mingle with their local inhabitants. Fun-filled day trip with a boat ride to a stunning beach and Chance to see native wildlife in their natural environment

7.Oman Musandam Cruise From Abu Dhabi

Board the traditional Oman dhow cruise to the spectacular fjord of Musandam exploring fish villages and a possibility to view dolphins. we ensure delivering a safe and comfortable trip with typical Omani wooden dhows and transportation fleets which follows strict safety measures handled by our professional team.

8. Sunset Cruise Abu Dhabi

See the sights of Abu Dhabi illuminated at night on a 90-minute cruise. Enjoy an international buffet with unlimited drinks while you indulge in the breath-taking views of Abu Dhabi. A great way to get a different perspective of Abu Dhabi with plenty of photo opportunities along the way also a 1.5-hour sunset sightseeing cruise around Abu Dhabi’s islands


As your safety is our top priority we have introduced enhanced health and safety measures that keep you in a hassle-free environment throughout the journey.



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Camel riding in AbuDhabi

Camel riding in AbuDhabi

Camel riding in AbuDhabi

Explore the camel ride in the Abu Dhabi desert on the back of a camel. The Camel riding in Abu Dhabi is one of the most exciting adventures in Desert safari. The Camels are still used as a traditional means of transport. This ride is a special opportunity to get to know the desert better. Enjoy the peace and dunes in the desert and escape from the busy life. After the ride, you could refresh yourself and enjoy your time in our camp.

Abu Dhabi camel safari is one of the maximum sought-after trips of people coming to Abu Dhabi. You’ll have a pleasant time along with your family and friends. You want to have fun in this emirate, don’t forgot to include this camel safari in Abu Dhabi. This will give you a wonderful experience. Foreigners and locals equally enjoying camel riding in Abu Dhabi.

Camel Riding also gives you a chance to know more about Desert, Flora, and Fauna and also how the traditional Arabs live. Also experience the old and modern architecture of Abu Dhabi.

Duration of Camel Riding

It’s feasible to go on a brief camel safari and return the same day itself. But, most of the people like to spend in the desert for a few days. Many of them choose the overnight option, which is smart as it may end up monotonous otherwise. This includes riding the camel into the desert, explore the sunset, having dinner,  waking up for sunrise and early morning riding. Desert sunsets and sunrises are quite darn remarkable!

Longer options, up to 30 days are to be had for hardcore fans! You can also get an itinerary tailored to meet your needs.

 Tips for camel riding in Abu Dhabi

Tips for Camel Riding

  • Follow the instructions of your guide because riding a camel is not an easy thing.
  • Wear long pants and socks, not shorts.
  • Bring a camera or iPod to take photos
  • Sway with the camel, not against it
  • Don’t carry belongings in your pockets, wear shoes  and don’t  carry a bags on back
  • Sit comfortably on camel to keep away from awkward conditions


Best time to visit for Camel Safari

The best time for camel riding in Abu Dhabi is during the cooler dry months between April and May or from September to October. In this time the weather pleasant that means not too hot and not too cool. Also from December through March, the winter season is good for a visit to Abu Dhabi.

How to ride a camel? Is it dangerous to ride a camel?

As stated before, the biggest desire you may do yourself is to relax and enjoy the trip. While you mount your camel, your guide will make sure that the camel is crouched on the ground. Get a hold of the handle and swing your leg over the saddle to the opposite side. Maintain handle as the guide will let the camel lurch upwards.

The camel will arise from its lower back legs first. So lean lower back in your saddle and hold on to the handle.
Don’t fear approximately falling off. Even though it can appear easy to fall off, it is not. Nevertheless, at first, it is a great concept to keep directly to the handle.

When you get used to the movement, y

you can let go of the handle. While you are in a crowded location or while the camels are stressed, don’t let go of the handle. Camels are animals! They can always surprise us. After you arrive at your destination, the guide will help you in dismounting your camel, that’s similar to mounting the camel, however then in reverse.


Camel riding in Abu Dhabi offers you a unique view of the arena and it totally immerses you inside the natural environment. Camel using allows you to gawk at birds in the sky, or styles at the sand with splendid ease, you may pause to take within the surroundings or just to connect to the animal. It takes at least a few stages of revel in to train a camel efficiently, and most reputable tour operators have workers for that.

Emirates Tours and safaris, one of the leading tour operators in Abu Dhabi. Camel riding is included in their desert safari packages . They provide multiple packages at affordable prices for you.

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